It’s done!

It's done!

So I finished. Boys had a blast on it, and I’ve got it all on video. I’ll post the video here, along with all the build details on July 4th. Now to do some editing and upload it all to Red Bull! And yes, that is pipe insulation on the handle and the front wall.


It’s Octagonal!

It's Octagonal!

Apparently, I didn’t have enough challenges, so now I have a cold. Great. Anyway, it’s driving me to bed a lot earlier than usual (it’s midnight now, and I’m up with the kids at about 6) and maybe I’ll pop some nyquil on the way. So, tonight, I cut the corners off of the table. This allows for a greater range of motion when two axis are active (i.e. towards the CORNERS). I also turned up the power and speed a bit and sat on the platform for a ride. Finally I moved the pitch heim joint to a new location to help accommodate the further range of motion. Success!