Red Bull Creation

I started this blog as a way to track my team (team = Dave Barrett and my team mate Martin Wilson) in this year’s Red Bull Creation challenge.  We received our Bullduino (pictured) on Thursday 6/21, which was the first signal that we were entered in the qualification round.  As far as I know, here’s how it works.  You enter the contest for free, and tell a little bit about yourself and your team here:

If you get a Bullduino- you’re in the first round.  The object of the first round is to make something, anything, using the Bullduino, and submit it with a film of your creation and your team.  12 submitting teams will be selected to compete in a 72 hour maker contest occurring July 19-22.  You’ll be competing from your own hacker/creation space and the world can watch the contest occur live.  The top prize is $10,000.

I’ve spent the last 3 days cranking away on an idea.  I think it’s going to work, so let me post some details!



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