Basic Design

In a project like this one, you’ve got to form a practical scope, then stick to it as best you can.  Here’s my challenges:

  • Due July 3rd
  • Really stiff competition
  • GOT to be fun for the rider as well as spectators
  • Designed for 4 to 9 year old riders
  • My 3YO son has a birthday party (turning 4) at our house (which I’m also doing a custom game for) on July 7th.
  • My Wife is in Barcelona from June 24 – July 1st.
  • DUE JULY 3rd!

So I’d better get a move on.  First thing- this is to be a party simulator, so it’s got to be fun for spectators.  This guides a decision towards putting the video on the projector screen (fortunately I have one in the basement) and a pan and tilt motion platform in front of it.  The motion platform will hold 2 riders (who wants to ride a roller coaster alone?) who hold a Wiimote functioning as a mouse.  The riders get to pick from a menu of possible coasters on screen.  The only other control the riders will have is an emergency stop button- which really should only be necessary if someone is going to hurl.

Fortunately, I was already experimenting with creating some giant-sized servos (video coming up).


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